Sunday, March 23, 2014

Photo Infringement Ooops!

Ok, so now I'm learning that it is against the law to just google a term pick the pic I want and "borrow" a picture that I want for my blog. So I been doing that for years, not knowing, and then I pull up my blog one day and all my pics are blanked out. I'm not asking any questions, well I did google why this has happened? But I'm not asking any more questions, just gotta make that change, Today! So I googled 'free photos' and this is some of the stuff I found. Whew..Trying to do it

Here are a couple of free sights I found for stock photos. And yes,  I checked them out first. Can't post something before using it too...Luvs

One warning: there are adds on these pages and if you click on them you will be lead to a different page where you have to pay for the pics. If you want to pay for pics go right ahead but i'm the type who luvs my Freebies and I will look high and low for them. Ha!

With this one you need to register for free, so easy..
Every Stock Photo

Just register with this one too..

For more on Photo Infringements go here: 'Using Images: What You Need to Know'
I'm reading through this and it is helping me a lot! Now I have to find out if it's ok to link this..Uh I do then I find if I should've done..

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