Saturday, March 31, 2012

Are You Using Dirty Cleaning Supplies to Clean Your House?

Spring has finally sprung, so throw open your windows and let the good times roll. Then gather your cleaning gear, and give it a good going over before tackling your spring cleaning chores. After all, how can grungy supplies really clean your home? Here’s a few ways to keep those tools of the trade in tip-top shape:

•Swish the tips of your broom’s bristles in a bucket of warm water mixed with a tablespoon or two of detergent, then shake it out as you would a paintbrush. Hang the broom up so that the bristles aren’t touching the floor, and let it dry thoroughly.

•Vacuum your dust mop head to get rid of any nesting dust bunnies. Then lightly mist it with this solution: Mix two parts white vinegar and one part vegetable oil in a handheld sprayer. Allow the mop head time to absorb the oil solution before using it.

•If you’ve used a wet/dry vacuum to clean up a particularly bad mess, run a bucketful of warm water and disinfectant detergent through the machine. Empty the reservoir, and give it 5 minutes or so to air out.

•Every time you change a vacuum cleaner’s bag, remove anything caught in the beater bar, then run a comb through the bristles to remove any accumulated string or hair.

•Disinfect buckets with bleach, rubbing them down with alcohol or pine oil cleaner. Damp and dirty buckets are breeding grounds for bacteria, which then get spread around your home, making it dirtier than when you started!