Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Donations Needed to Rescue Restore and Renew Women of the Night

A good friend of mine has been working with women to get them off the streets.she goes into the strip clubs bringing gift bags and the Word that Jesus still loves them.. Working with girls in the sex industry primarily exotic dancers, sex trafficked girls, and prostituted women. My plan is to join her in the near future, paying it forward helping others because I got so much help from her to get on the road of becoming whole again..Thank you, my dear friend, for showing me that someone does truly care..

Click on pic to get to site..
My mission was made clear – bless my sisters. Show them love, generosity, dignity, respect, and favor. 

At least twice a month I will donate some items to the address below. Who's with me?! For more info check out the site at

Donations needed:
(Gift Cards from Walmart, Target, Fred Meyer)
Bras (larger sizes needed)
Underwear (larger sizes needed)
Feminine Hygiene Products
Shoes (Sizes 6-11)

*Please send all donations to:
Attn: Esteem Ministries
1717 South Union Street
Tacoma, WA 98405

Today( March 23, 2014) I sent a FREE 'Drug Free World Kit' to the facitlity. Click here to go to site..

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